Capability Cases is a new book presenting two intertwined innovations that work together to better connect business challenges to technology enablers to improve the odds for success in delivering value.

Solution Envisioning is a business-value focused, scenario-driven approach to experiencing a future system through analogies and examples using Capability Cases.

A Capability Case is a business problem - IT solution pattern expressed in a business context with stories of successful use, applicable technologies and leading practices.

This book is focused on the interplay between business needs and technology capabilities. The authors' belief in these premises has motivated its topic and contents:

  • The best choices about the functionality of business solutions can only happen when the decision process is value-driven and centered on the business problem.
  • It is important to know what is technically possible before designing how the systems that support a solution will work. This is not a simple task because technology innovation continues to accelerate and solution options are exploding.
  • Creativity rarely happens on its own. For ideas to flow they need supporting environment and skillful techniques to bring real people together to dialogue differently and more productively.
  • A capability-based approach for designing solutions can span from the design of new business capabilities and the envisioning of solution capabilities to the specification of software capabilities.

This web site complements the book by providing full color galleries of Capability Cases, downloadable templates and other resources. Our plan is to evolve the web site as a collaborative space for selecting, creating and discussing Capability Cases and envisioning process.