Capability Case:
Concept-Based Search
To provide precise and concept-aware search capabilities specific to an area of interest using knowledge representations across multiple knowledge sources both structured and un-structured.

Solution Story:
Empolis SmartCooking, IBM Practitioner Support Network, Integrating Text Databases with SKIP, Intelligent View Thyssen-Krupp,, Simatic Knowledge Manager

Results of 'plc y2k' query

Siemens Simatic system is a self-service WEB application for Siemens Industrial Control Products. In the screen shot above, "plc y2k" query returns a number of documents even though none of them contain the specified text string. The system "understands" the concepts of "y2k" and "plc" (Programmable Logic Controller) and finds documents that contain these or similar concepts. A knowledge model or a map of concepts used by the system operates as a unifying intelligent index seamlessly integrating information located in different repositories. Simatic is available on the web and on CD, as an intelligent knowledgebase.


Improved self service, better search precision

Featured Products:
Livelink  from  Open Text Corporation, Orenge  from  Empolis

Applicable Products:
Arisem KM Server from Arisem, ClearResearch from ClearForest, ClearSight from ClearForest, CoBrain from Invention Machine, Kaidara Commerce from Kaidara Software, Kanisa ServiceWeb from Kanisa, K-Infinity from Intelligent Views, Ontobroker™ from Ontoprise, Semetric from Engenium, SKIP from SemanTx Life Sciences, TripleHop Recommendation Engine from TripleHop Technologies, TurboSearch from LingoMotors