Capability Case:
Visual Navigator
Effectively present and summarize on one screen large amounts of information by using visualization technologies. Includes ability to navigate and drill down for more details.

Solution Story:, The Hive Group’s Amazon Product Map, Smart Money Stock Market Map, Visual Navigation at HighWire Stanford, Webmap at Infoscape

Stanford On-line medical library contains thousands of scientific articles categorized according to their topics. Users can browse collection of topics using a visual tree. Clicking on a topic moves it to the center of the display.   Clicking and dragging moves topics of interest toward the center and exposes new topics which had previously been minimized. Double-clicking on a topic will show a list of the documents in the original web browser window. Typing a term in the 'Search for Topics" box will highlight all topics that have a topic name that contains the search term. The highlights appear as red triangles next to the topics. Hovering over a topic (without clicking) triggers a popup window that gives the full topic name and the number of documents in the topic (if that count is greater than zero).


Improved access to information, ability to discover new information, ability to see  and understand relationships between different topics and concepts

Featured Products:
Inxight Star Tree (TM) SDK  from  Inxight Software

Applicable Products:
BrainEKP from TheBrain Technologies Corporation, DataVista Spectrum from Visualize, Inc., Honeycomb from The Hive Group, KartOO from KartOO SA, Metis from Computas, WebHeatmaps from NeoVision, WebMap (tm) Server from WebMap Technologies