Capability Case:
Personalized FAQ Agent
An intelligent bot that uses a company’s knowledge of the customer as well as information about its products, services, known problems and ways to resolve them to answer customer questions online. The customer knowledge may include information on products the customer bought from the company, the status of their relationship to the company, and the query context such as from what point of on the company’s website was the FAQ session initiated.

Solution Story:
Blue Horizon - FAQ, Nissan's Virtual Agent, Self-Service at Remington, Simatic Knowledge Manager

When Remington created a simple information website, they were flooded with e-mail questions that threatened to overwhelm call center agents. In response they implemented RightNow software for e-mail management and to provide self-service answers to customer inquiries directly on the website. The knowledgebase behind the system grows based on the questions customers ask.  It takes input from all channels including e-mail interactions and live chat sessions. When the customer can't find the answer, they are automatically guided to send an e-mail or to initiate a live session. During the first 6 months of operation 120,000 people visited the FAQ section and less then 1% had to direct their questions to a Customer Service Representative. Remington opted for a hosted solution that was deployed in 2 weeks.


Improved customer service and satisfaction while maintaining customer support costs.  Reduced e-mail-related and telephone-related support and time to respond to e-mail inquiries, while increasing visibility.

Featured Products:
RightNow Self Service from RightNow Technologies

Applicable Products:
ActiveBuddy BuddyScript Server from ActiveBuddy, Inc., AskJeeves from AskJeeves, EasyAsk from EasyAsk Inc., KANA RESPONSEIQ from Kana Software Inc, NeuroServer from NativeMinds Inc, Orenge from Empolis.