Capability Case:
Instant Helper
To enable website visitors to ask for immediate help by integrating chat and/or email sessions. Using business rules, requests can be routed to the most suitable person according to the customer's history, preferences, area on the web they are currently in and other factors. Web site monitoring can be used to identify when visitors are looking at certain items and pop up "can I help you?" chat sessions as appropriate.

Solution Story:
Ask the Expert at Prudential Securities, Chat with an Agent at ATT WorldNet, Chat with an Agent at LandsEnd
On the Land’s End web site, “Instant Helper” button is always present. Any questions a customer may have regarding shipping policies, sizes, exchanges or any other information, can be immediately responded to by a live representative accessible through a chat window. A customer representative understands the context of the question because she knows the exact location of the shopper on the web site. A shopper does not need to dial Land’s End on a separate line.


Decreases the likelihood of a customer abandoning the shopping cart; makes it possible for the customer service rep to assist with complex online transactions; increases customer representatives productivity

Applicable Products:
Chordiant Assisted Response from Chordiant Software Inc, E.piphany Real-Time from E.piphany Inc, E.piphany Service Center from E.piphany Inc, Facetime Instant Message Director from FaceTime Communications, Firepond Converse from FirePond, Inc., Groopz from , Kamoon Smart Engine from Kamoon, KANA RESPONSEIQ from Kana Software Inc, NeuroServer from NativeMinds Inc, RightNow Live Chat and Collaboration from RightNow Technologies