Capability Case:
Virtual Time Machine
To enable display of a virtual history of events without having to store multiple snapshots of data that hasn’t changed. In the simplest case, each item just has to be tagged with “first appeared” and “last seen” timestamps. Visualization is the key factor - there is a need for <fast forward> and <rewind> facilities, in the mode of a DVD player.

Solution Story:
London Transport Museum
This site uses a time line metaphor to select a time over a period of a few years and show what events happened during these years. Visitors get to learn about the time period and understand which of museum exhibits reflect the time they are interested in.

Effective web presence, inviting and exploratory user interface metaphor, adds an extra dimension for organizing the information – time frame as well as subject area.

Applicable Products:
N/A, this is a public organization, using internal technology platforms.