Capability Case:
Generative Documentation
Maintain a single source point for information about a system, process, product, etc., but deliver that content in a variety of forms, each tailored to a specific use. The form of generated documents, and the information they contain, is customized to a particular audience.

Solution Story:
Automatic Schematic Generation with 3-D Models, Meeting Minutes Butler for a German Financial Company, Sharing Engineering Knowledge at Ford

Agendas and Minutes are created with MS Word and automatically annotated

Minutes for Board Meetings in a German Bank contain helpful information for the organization. Unfortunately parts of the minutes are confidential. This made the process of creating and distributing excerpts of board meeting minutes a very complex task.

The Minutes Butler supports the Board Assistants by automatically capturing the written information and organizing the distribution of excerpts according to recipients' responsibilities. Assistants write documents with MS Word using templates. Contents of released documents, like agenda items, tasks or decisions are automatically send to the server, which generates excerpts to the minutes by using a set of rules. The assistants save time, because they don’t need to physically create excerpts with the copy-machine and all employees get access to essential knowledge (according to their profile). While writing the minutes the assistants are also offered hints to whether a similar decision or task has already been made or what other decisions are affected.

Higher productivity of Board Assistants, faster dissemination of essential knowledge, higher quality of workproducts.

Featured Products:
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Applicable Products:
Cogito Knowledge Center from Cogito, inc., e2KS from Emergent Systems