Capability Case:
Content Annotator
To provide a way for people to add annotations to electronic content. By annotations we mean comments, notes, explanations and semantic tags.

Solution Story:
iMarkup Solution Story, OntoAnnotate Collaborative Aircraft Maintenance, RDF Annotation for Inline Comments

The example illustrates how a group of people can collaborate and communicate by means of the exchange of digital content using a browser. Annotations made by each person are stored on an annotation server indexed against specific content. For example, a highlight, an arrow or sticky note can be added. The markups can be organized and viewed in many ways, for example, by author, by date, by type of annotation. Pre-defined markup forms are available such as draft status memos.

Improved capture of decision rationale, work comments and discussions, better  ability to collaborate remotely

Featured Products:
iMarkup from iMarkup Solutions

Applicable Products:
Annotation Delivery Platform from OntoText, Annotea from W3C Annotea Project, eReview from Web4, OntoAnnotate from Ontoprise, PhotoStuff from Mind Lab, SWAP RDF Editor from Mind Lab