Capability Case:
Expert Locator
To provide users with convenient access to experts in a given area who can help with problems, answer questions, locate and interpret specific documents, and collaborate on specific tasks. Knowing ‘who is an expert in what’ can be difficult in an organization with a large workforce of experts. Expert Locator could also identify experts across organizational barriers.

Solution Story:
Technical Expert Locator at Boeing (TEL), ReferralWeb at the University of Washington

Boeing has a large workforce of experts which makes it difficult at times to find the right person for the right job. It developed the web-based TEL system to provide Boeing employees with convenient access to an enterprise-wide network of qualified experts from diverse technical areas, and experience through the lifecycles of all Boeing products.  It enables rapid identification and contact of the Company’s experts in specific technical areas who can help resolve complex technical problems, answer questions, locate and interpret specific documents, and collaborate on specific tasks.  Currently all employees who are pursuing a technical career path (the members of the Boeing Technical Fellowship Program) are registered in the system, thereby allowing the company’s foremost technical employees to be utilized accordingly. The Boeing technical thesaurus was harnessed by the TEL developers to create profiles for the experts. It incorporates 70,000 concepts with an additional 50,000 synonym concept names, and 300,000 links including broaderTerm, narrowerTerm, and relatedTerm.  TEL developers used techniques from artificial intelligence to refine the thesaurus by automatically adding missing links in the semantic network.  It provides a standardized vocabulary for describing expertise and “semantically close” topics, based on links between concepts, which can be used for performing intelligent searches.

Significant reduction in cost and time when there is a need to identify and contact employees across the Boeing enterprise who are the qualified experts within specific areas of technology.

Featured Products:
Ontobroker™ from Ontoprise

Applicable Products:
Arisem KM Server from Arisem, AskMe Enterprise from AskMe Corporation, Entopia Quantum from Entopia, KnowledgeMail® from Tacit, ReferralWeb from University of Washington