Capability Case:
Interest-based Information Delivery
To enable filtering of information for people who need to monitor and assess large volumes of data for relevance, volatility or required response. The volume of targeted information is reduced based on its relevance according to the role or interest of the end user. Sensitive information is filtered according to a "need to know" protocol.

Solution Story:
Cerebra Biotechnology Information Monitoring and Filtering, KMI Planet Personalized Newsletter, Meeting Minutes Butler for a German Financial Company, Personalized News and TV Program Guide, Personalized Recommendation at Amazon, SemanTx Autoreader

Search for "Learning-Centered Organizations" 

People interested in the activities of the Knowledge Media Institute can customize a newsletter to their interests. Someone who is interested in Learning Organizations will be presented stories related to any such organization.

Reducing the workload for annotated markup to a level manageable by human effort.  The markup enables valuable business capabilities such as improved search, information discovery and retrieval.

Applicable Products:
Autoreader from SemanTx Life Sciences, Cerebra Inference Engine from Network Inference, Net Perceptions from Net Perceptions, Inc., Ontobroker™ from Ontoprise, Orenge from Empolis