Capability Case Summary Template
Naming a capability is a first step in defining it. There is a long standing tradition in the pattern movement of collaboration and discussion towards finding the “right” name, the one that best describes what the capability is about. Having two or three people brainstorm about a name is quite useful. In our work we’ve found that the more often you use the name, the more meaningful it becomes to the group. 
This is the “elevator pitch” - one to two sentences describing the essence of the capability. Expect to take some time and apply careful consideration to create a statement of intent.

Solution Story Example:
This is the “for example” piece – a story of a capability in action. The story should include a short description of the situation, the challenges present and how the solution helped. We find that a screenshot and/or other graphic illustrations are essential to get a story better understood. The story could be “real” or envisioned.

Business Benefits/Results:

The value to the business in solving a problem or seizing an opportunity. By describing how the organization in the story benefited from the solution, a critical match is made between technology possibilities and business goals.

Applicable Technologies and Products:
When people are intrigued by the capability or see a possible application of it in their own context, they will invariably want to know “how was it done?” or “how could it be done?”   A list of products or a brief description of the technology used completes the Capability Case.