Phase I
Business Capability Exploration

The nature of Business Capability Exploration is to do the necessary pre-work of laying the foundation for the solution.  Its purpose is to establish the existing context of the business and to support a select, core-team of stakeholders who are initially driving the initiative as they produce a preliminary Solution Vision.  Preliminary because it will be shared and shaped in successive phases. 

To arrive somewhere new there is the need to understand where you are, what is causing the need to move and what results the move needs to achieve.  Business Capability Exploration has a number of framing and focusing activities guided by these objectives:

  • Assessment of business dynamics and predicaments
  • Expression of root causes and their analysis – a relationship between cause and effect in the business environment
  • Initial scan of potential solutions
  • Agreement over business objectives

The phase is completed when an understanding is reached on the nature of business problems, the specific results the solution will need to bring about, and vision of how the solution might be realized.   This understanding is documented as a Solution Vision Presentation and made available to a broader set of stakeholders within a suitable collaborative portal or workspace.

  1. Chapter 5 describes how Solution Envisioning workshops are conducted and provides further details on techniques used during these sessions.