Phase II
Solution Capability Envisioning

The nature of Solution Capability Envisioning is to facilitate a series of collaborative interactions or envisioning workshops [1] that enable a broad set of stakeholders to forge a shared understanding about the intent of the initiative and the details of the solution vision.  Having understood and represented the problem in the activities of the previous phase, an exploration of solution alternatives proceeds with the confidence that there is now a framework for evaluation of proposed ideas and concepts.  The purpose of this phase is to assemble solution building blocks by nominating, evaluating and prioritizing an integrated set of capabilities that will collectively meet the business goals.

The phase is completed when the Solution Vision has been refined and confirmed by a broadly representative set of stakeholders.  The result --an integrated and optimized set of capabilities sufficient to realize the business solution-- are captured and communicated in the form of a Solution Concept Document.  Solutions need to be understood in terms of their effects on how people and systems will work. The Solution Concept is created through:

  • Matching the problem at hand to known solution capabilities (via Capability Cases)
  • Collaborative sessions to envision how solution capabilities will overcome challenges and bring about the desired results
  • Story telling to establish shared understanding of the roles that the business side and technology side will play in the future world
  • Arrangement of the capabilities into the various solution concept views of the conceptual architecture
  • Agreement about business priorities for the implementation of capabilities

  1. Chapter 5 describes how Solution Envisioning workshops are conducted and provides further details on techniques used during these sessions.