Overview of three phases

Solution Envisioning is a problem discovery, situation assessment and solution planning process that uses Capability Cases to achieve connections between Business and IT stakeholders.  It was designed to improve chances of solution success by addressing the risks and challenges present in the early stage of the solution lifecycle. Solution Envisioning embraces a business-centric approach to designing and realizing technology enabled business capabilities.   It truly ‘bridges the gap’ between business and IT by integrating and marrying concepts and techniques from both best of breed business strategy methods and software development methods.

Solution Envisioning with Capability Cases is designed for use at a front end of the software development lifecycle. The process can be partitioned into three major steps or phases, with the use of Capability Cases occurring throughout. The three phases of Solution Envisioning are:

  1. Business Capability Exploration – creating the Solution Vision and an initial Business Case
  2. Solution Capability Envisioning – creating the Solution Concept
  3. Software Capability Design – elaborating and confirming the Business Case and delivering the Solution Implementation Roadmap.