Below is a list of commonly used techinques in the Solution Envisioning process; techniques are associated with specific activites as indicated on the individual Phase maps:

Business Capability Exploration Techniques

  • Technique (T0): CATWOE
  • Technique (T1): Value Net
  • Technique (T2): “Three Whats?”
  • Technique (T3): Power-Interest Grid
  • Technique (T4): Storyboarding

Solution Capability Envisioning Techniques

  • Technique (T1): Cognitive Mapping
  • Technique (T2): ConceptCafe
  • Technique (T3): Three E’s Solution Initiative Mapping
  • Technique (T4): Creative Exploration Techniques
  • Addendum (T4): Guidance on the Art of Practical Storytelling
  • Addendum (T4): Some Synectic Technique Prompts

Software Capability Design Techniques

  • Technique (T1): V.I.S.A. Multi-Criteria Decision Support Technique
  • Technique (T2): Bayesian Decision Modeling Technique
  • Technique (T3): Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • Technique (T4): Architecture Trade-Off Analysis Method (ATAM)
  • Technique (T5): Cost Benefit Analysis

Templates for
Selected Work Products

Below is a list of templates that are commonly used in the Solution Envisioning process:

Capability Case Summary Template | HTML | DOC

Elaborated Capability Case Template | HTML | DOC